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Automatic analyzer acid value|HB-SKS

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Automatic analyzer acid value, acid value transformer tester
Warburg brand HB-SKS transformer oleic acid value of the tester is Warburg Hao Hua Electrical and development and production of electricity according to the latest national and international standards for a new generation of test standard transformer oleic acid level measuring device, the instrument uses traditional titration principle, micro processor control, standard acid automatic calibration, auto-complete extraction, titration to determine the end point, display, print and other functions is the power and petrochemical sectors recommended products.
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1, the instrument can be used to automatically test the acid number of transformer oil.
2, the user no reagent preparation, titration of an oil sample, can be completed within 10 minutes.
3.6-inch large-screen character display, color touch-screen operation, menu-guided prompts
4, using a microprocessor, auto-complete extraction, titration to determine the end point, display, print and other functions.
5, using traditional titration principle, due to the strong choice of solvent extraction, high sensitivity indicator, accurate high.
6, the standard acid automatic calibration function, maximize the elimination of systematic errors and ensure the accuracy of the measurement results.
7, large-capacity and high efficiency of carbon dioxide, water purification systems, and to ensure the stability of the solution concentration.
8 with RS232 or USB output function convenience and computer on-line
9, three or six oil cup oil cup, suitable for continuous measurement of a single sample measurements and multiple samples.