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High voltage switch mechanical characteristic tester HB-GKF12

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12 port high voltage switch dynamic characteristic tester, high voltage switch mechanical characteristic tester, high voltage switch tester, 12 port circuit breaker characteristic tester, circuit breaker characteristic analyzer
Hb-gkf12 high voltage switch tester is an intelligent color screen touch screen developed and produced by Qingdao Pingdu Huabao Electric Co., Ltd. using single chip microcomputer control and a new generation of sensor technology. It can communicate with computer management. The instrument can measure the opening and closing time, synchronization and reclosing time, rigid opening and rigid closing speed, distance, opening distance, overtravel, coil current and coil resistance of 12 fractures, It can print all kinds of recording curves and is an updated product of high voltage switch dynamic characteristic comprehensive tester.
Hb-gkf12, hand micro 186 + 5322 + 5978, qq1123 + 134968
1. It is applicable to SF6 switch, GIS combination appliance, vacuum switch, oil switch, vacuum contactor and special circuit breaker (train circuit breaker) produced at home and abroad. At the same time, 12 metal contact fractures, 6 main fractures and 6 auxiliary fractures can be measured. The circuit breaker acts once to obtain data and waveforms such as time, bounce times, time, speed, coil current and coil resistance. It has the functions of energy storage, automatic and manual low jump test, circuit breaker life test, etc. Equipped with high-speed thermal printer, it is convenient to print test data on site.
2. 7-inch color highlight touch screen (brightness adjustable), and operation in the sun is also clearly visible. Menu operation, quick test interface, one key operation, support Chinese and English input. 12 channel fracture status is displayed in Chinese, and time, travel, speed and waveform are displayed on the same screen without turning pages to view data. Analyze the average speed of the specified section and mark it on the travel curve for easy viewing. Built in 21 conventional types of circuit breaker speed definition, just select the switch type and measure with one key.
3. The integrated operation power supply in the machine does not need on-site secondary power supply, which is convenient and fast to use. It can provide dc20 ~ 270V adjustable power supply with current of 20a. It has the function of short-circuit protection. In case of short-circuit, stop the voltage and current output for 1ms, send out a drip alarm sound, and prompt the operator to check the line. Unique dual circuit power supply design. If one circuit in the closing or opening control circuit is damaged, the other circuit can also be used to test closing and opening.
4. Equipped with linear sensor, rotary sensor and special fixed multifunctional connector, the installation is very convenient and simple. The length of the linear sensor 30-1000mm can be set arbitrarily. It only needs to be equipped with a sensor. The instrument does not need to return to the factory to change the program.
5. The host can store 100 groups of test data, and the real-time clock in the host is convenient for archiving.
6. Equipped with USB flash disk interface and R232 interface, the data is saved to USB flash disk and uploaded to computer for analysis, saving and printing. R232 interface can be connected to computer for online operation (optional function).
7. The internal anti-interference circuit can meet the reliable use in 500kV substation.
8. It has a special menu for circuit breaker aging test in the Switchgear Factory. It is a powerful assistant in the manufacturing of high-voltage switches.
9. Hb-gkf + has the function of closing resistance test
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